How to Enhance Gamification on Salesforce Experience Cloud?

by on August 11, 2022

Adding gamification elements to your  online community helps your business provide a highly engaging customer experience, which further improves brand loyalty.

In fact, the global gamification market is expected to show an annual growth rate of $27.77 billion from 2022 to 2026.[i]

Evidently, the market is expanding at an exponential rate. By the time businesses realize the importance of gamification in an online community, the market size is bound to expand even further.

Although Salesforce provides its users with amazing gamification tools, they still face some challenges.

In this blog post, we look at the importance of community gamification, the limitations of Salesforce community gamification, and how you can overcome those limitations.

Let’s get started.

Importance of Community Gamification 

Stellar customer experience is crucial for the success of Salesforce-powered communities. And gamification takes this customer experience up a notch.

Here is why you need to integrate gamification into your online community.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Gamification motivates the customers to spend more time on the community and participate in various ongoing activities. It enhances engagement through a series of rewards and challenges that are tailored to individual customers’ tastes.

Maximized User Motivation

Gamifying a community allows customers to stay motivated through several competitions being conducted in the community. It allows the customers to enjoy and interact with other customers in the community.

Amplified Brand Awareness

Gamification on communities facilitates and motivates customer interactions. This not only enhances engagement in the community but also makes more and more people aware of the brand.

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Gamification in Salesforce-Powered Communities

Communities on the Salesforce Experience Cloud have gamification tools to enhance the overall customer experience. To celebrate the accomplishments of community members and users, Salesforce communities have Recognition Badges. Reputation levels, on the other hand, give recognition to members who actively participate in community interactions through posts and comments.

Challenges With Community Gamification

Though gamification in Experience Cloud helps in uplifting the enthusiasm of the community members, there are certain challenges with community gamification. Some of these challenges are:

10-15 Basic Gamification-Related Actions

The basic gamification in Salesforce-powered communities allows participants to choose among a  limited number of gamification-related actions.

No Gamification for Other Standard and Custom Objects

In the standard version of gamification on Salesforce, the community members are unable to apply the gamification tool on Custom Objects. It is limited to predefined objects.

No Customization for Your Leaderboard

Leaderboards are an important component of gamification in Salesforce-powered communities. In the standard version of gamification on Salesforce, the community members face a challenge while making changes to the leaderboard as customizations are not available.

Inability to View All Users or Historic Scoring Data

The basic gamification on Salesforce does not provide an extensive view of the gamification history of a community member. They are unable to have a consolidated view of the badges and points earned by them.

The Solution: ScoreNotch

Those were some challenges faced by users on Salesforce-powered communities. To minimize these challenges and bring a dynamic version of gamification to Salesforce, ScoreNotch can be your ally.

A Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready product to enhance customer engagement on your Salesforce-powered community.

Here is what you can do with ScoreNotch.

  • Gamify both Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects
  • Perform dynamic gamification-based actions
  • Power community gamification in Lightning Experience
  • Customize the look and feel of leaderboards, such as font & background color, text, and rows to be displayed
  • Create as many reputation levels as needed
  • Power community gamification in Lightning Experience
  • Enable criteria-based scoring based on Standard and Custom Objects
  • Score leaderboards on a weekly or monthly basis and view all users

Wrapping Up 

Gamification brings the much-needed essence to communities to make mundane activities an enjoyable experience.

ScoreNotch, a Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready solution, allows you to dynamically gamify your Salesforce-powered community to help boost customer engagement and ROI.

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