Transform Sales Performance With Sales Cloud Gamification


Gamify SFDC Sales Cloud With ScoreNotch

Salesforce Sales Cloud enables sales teams to close deals in less time, and with greater accuracy. By gamifying Sales Cloud, you can transform employee behavior and drive business growth.

In fact, research demonstrates that gamification boosts employee performance and is a proven strategy for driving sales success.

That’s why Team Grazitti built ScoreNotch- a Salesforce-native solution that incorporates gamification elements such as benchmark scoring, leaderboards, badges, and missions within Sales Cloud. It enables you to motivate sales representatives to improve performance, achieve organizational goals, and build a positive sales culture.

Use Cases and Features

Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate your service agents’ performance with Service Cloud gamification
Deal-Closure Rate

Deal Closure Rate

Check how many deals are successfully closed compared to the total number attempted. Use ScoreNotch gamification to motivate and recognize representatives by rewarding those who perform exceptionally well.
Average-Deal Size

Average Deal Size

Pay attention to how much each deal is worth on average. Use gamification to acknowledge and appreciate salespeople when they successfully close big deals. Encourage them to go after even bigger opportunities by keeping them motivated.
Conversion- Rates and Acquisition Costs

Conversion Rates and Acquisition Costs

Check how well leads turn into actual sales, and boost your sales team’s energy with ScoreNotch gamification. Give them points for converting leads, create a friendly competition, and give out rewards for hitting certain goals. Also, keep an eye on how much it costs to get new customers, and use games to inspire smart and cost-effective methods.



Keep Employees Motivated

Boost Employee Productivity

Increase Sales Performance

Create a Fun Environment

Strengthen Sales Strategy

Keep Employees Motivated
Boost Employee Productivity
Increase Sales Performance
Create a Fun Environment
Strengthen Sales Strategy