What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Gamification?


Gamification enables you to infuse game-like elements into a non-game context to capture attention, drive motivation, and get users actively involved. In the realm of CRM systems, it helps you infuse game elements such as points, badges, leaderboards, challenges, levels, and rewards.

Salesforce gamification, a feature within the Salesforce platform, takes this concept a step further by infusing game mechanics and elements into day-to-day processes within Experience, Sales, and Service Cloud.

With the use of multi-module functionalities, benchmark scoring, badges, points, leaderboards, challenges, rewards, and more, gamifying Salesforce allows you to create interactive user experiences that foster engagement.

By tapping into Salesforce gamification, you can drive user adoption, enable exceptional sales and service outcomes, and propel community engagement.

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Drive Gamification on Salesforce Clouds

Standard gamification may fall short of your expectations.

That’s why we’ve built ScoreNotch.

It offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features that will infuse your Salesforce Clouds with dynamic gamification.

Enable missions that challenge and inspire, benchmark scoring that drives excellence, and leaderboards that power friendly competition.

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Wish To See How ScoreNotch Enables You to Gamify Your Salesforce Platform?

Spur Your Business With Salesforce Gamification Offered by ScoreNotch

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Bring game-like elements and mechanics to Experience Cloud. Motivate users, boost community engagement, and drive desired behavior, creating an interactive and rewarding experience for community users.



Salesforce Sales Cloud

Incorporate game-like elements into sales processes. Motivate sales teams, foster healthy competition, and drive desired behavior, resulting in enhanced engagement, productivity, and sales performance.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Introduce game-like elements and mechanics to Service Cloud. This incentivizes service teams, promotes healthy competition, and encourages desired behavior, resulting in improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and service excellence.


Game-Changing Facets of ScoreNotch


Salesforce Native

Drive community gamification with a product built on Salesforce



Gamify Salesforce with a solution that is compatible with Lightning Experience (LEX)


Compliant with Standard
and Custom Objects

Gamify fields on all Salesforce objects, whether standard or custom



Make community interactions engaging with leaderboards, badges, missions, and more



Configure the solution according to business requirements with drag-and-drop features



Migrate gamification elements such as reputation points, levels, badges, and more, from Salesforce to ScoreNotch

Wish To Discover the Features Of ScoreNotch?

Top Salesforce Gamification Uses Cases with ScoreNotch

Easy Following of Case History

Deal Closure Rate

More Accessible Information

Average Deal Size

Combining Multiple Actions Into a Single View

Conversion Rates and Acquisition Costs

Easy Following of Case History

Customer Resolution Efficiency

Easy Following of Case History

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score & Review

Easy Following of Case History

Improved Knowledge Base Utilization

Easy Following of Case History

Ideas for the Support Team

Easy Following of Case History

Customer Advocacy

Easy Following of Case History

Community Engagement and Collaboration

How Does Our Gamification Solutions Increase Your Business?

Increased Motivation and Performance
Gamification injects excitement and competition into sales activities, motivating sales teams to achieve their targets and surpass expectations. Leaderboards, challenges, and rewards drive individuals to excel and maximize their sales performance.

Enhanced Collaboration
Gamification fosters collaboration among sales teams by encouraging knowledge sharing, best practice sharing, and healthy competition. This collaborative environment boosts team dynamics, improves communication, and enables collective success.

Continuous Improvement
With gamification, sales representatives are inspired to continuously improve their skills and knowledge. By participating in missions and earning rewards, they stay updated on product offerings and refine their sales strategies.

Improved Customer Service
Gamification motivates customer service representatives to deliver exceptional service experiences. By incorporating gamified elements like badges and points, it rewards agents to provide efficient, personalized support and achieve customer satisfaction goals.

Increased Productivity
Gamification motivates service teams to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Through leaderboards and rewards, agents strive to resolve customer issues promptly, meet service-level agreements, and optimize their performance.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
Gamification encourages healthy competition through knowledge sharing and collaboration among service representatives. It promotes a culture of teamwork, where agents can exchange insights, best practices, and problem-solving techniques, resulting in improved service quality.

Engaging Community Interaction
Gamification enhances user engagement within Experience Cloud communities. Introducing leaderboards, challenges, and rewards, encourages active participation and contribution from community members. This fosters a vibrant and interactive community experience.

Knowledge Expansion
Gamification facilitates knowledge expansion within communities. By incentivizing users to share valuable insights, answer questions, and contribute meaningful content, it cultivates a rich knowledge base and strengthens the community’s collective expertise.

User Satisfaction and Loyalty
Gamification encourages healthy competition through knowledge sharing and collaboration among service representatives. It promotes a culture of teamwork, where agents can exchange insights, best practices, and problem-solving techniques, resulting in improved service quality.

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