Gamifying Salesforce with a Dynamic Gamification Solution

by on July 26, 2023

In this competitive business world, only the ones that make their customers and employees feel like a part of their brand can truly succeed. 

They are the heartbeat of every organization. 

If your customers connect with your brand on a deeper level, your business is more likely to succeed.

Salesforce, a vast CRM ecosystem offers you quality solutions to connect with customers on a personal level. 

Gamifying it would open up endless possibilities to make your employees more productive and establish a better bond with your customers.

Gamification is the process of adding gaming mechanics to non-gaming environments to make it competitive and engaging for users. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at why gamification and CRM when combined, make up the perfect recipe for providing a more customer-centric and personalized experience.

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A Few Examples of How Gamification Helped Businesses to Drive Customer Engagement

Let’s take a look at some of the examples, where businesses have implemented gamification to drive customer engagement.

  • A Leading Sports Equipment Brand Gamified their Online Community to Motivate Customers

A leading sports equipment manufacturer launched a gamification campaign in their community. The community members were made to compete amongst each other based on their physical activity, they could add their achievements to an application on their smartphones. After reaching a specific level, they were awarded special trophies and rewards. 

With this initiative, the brand was able to generate a lot of engagement in their community. Also, the community members were allowed to share their achievements on social media platforms which further enhanced their brand awareness. 

  • A Leading Beverage Retail Chain Introduced Gamification to Enhance Brand Loyalty

A leading beverage retail chain, rewarded their customers with stars for every purchase that they made. These stars could be then exchanged for free food and drinks. The customers were presented with three levels, each of which was unlocked based on their degree of loyalty. With this, they were able to enhance their brand loyalty. 

  • A Fast Food Restaurant Chain Leveraged Gamification to Generate Attention and Enhance its Brand Reputation

A  leading fast food chain started a gamification campaign in which they enabled their customers to combine real food ingredients and avoid any added flavours and colours. The players were then rewarded with a buy-one-get-one food coupon. Customers were able to play the game and get rewarded on their mobile devices itself. By implementing this gamification strategy, they were able to engage customers more and solidify their brand reputation as a restaurant chain that uses real ingredients rather than any artificial colour or flavour. 

Drive Employee Productivity by Reinforcing Salesforce with Gamification

Salesforce when reinforced with some effective gamification elements can do wonders for your brand. 

Your employees are the ones that serve your customers.

Engaging them in CRM activities boosts their productivity so that your customers are always satisfied with the service they need. To do so, you can reward your employees with points, badges, etc. for every milestone they achieve.

Gamification in Salesforce has already made the learning platform engaging for users. 

Salesforce uses gamification to scale its adoption with the trailblazer program. 

When users learn any module of Salesforce, they are offered points, badges or some kind of reward. 

One such example is the Trailhead Quests, where users are rewarded with points, badges, or Salesforce certification vouchers whenever they learn a new skill. 

The Essential Elements of Salesforce Gamification

Let’s take a look at the key elements of Salesforce gamification that you can utilize to make the platform engaging and enticing for end-users. 

  1. Badges to Acknowledge Participation

Badges are an essential element of Salesforce gamification. You can acknowledge and track the efforts made by Salesforce users by giving them badges for any milestone they achieve. For example, Salesforce offers trailhead badges to users based on the points they get after completing each learning module. This way users are more likely to complete their learning modules as they are rewarded with badges for completing them.

  1. Rewards to Incentivize Participation

You can reward users with points, gift cards, and vouchers to incentivize participation in Salesforce CRM activities. For example, you can reward your sales team to create new contacts, close a deal or when they achieve a specific objective. 

  1. Leaderboards For a Competitive Experience

Leaderboards help you create a sense of competition in your Salesforce ecosystem. Everyone loves to showcase their achievements and by implementing a leaderboard in your Salesforce instance, you can fulfill users’ desire to be valued for their participation and efficiency. For example, you can implement a leaderboard for your sales team and place the members according to their achievements and objectives.

While, those are some gamification elements that Salesforce supports natively, there are others that help you change the game by going beyond Salesforce’s standard gamification elements. 

Dynamic Gamification in Salesforce

Salesforce as a vast CRM ecosystem offers its solutions so that you can connect with your customers on a deeper level. 

By gamifying these solutions you can make the platform for your employees much more engaging so that they can stay focused on making your customers happier.

Gamification in Salesforce not only encourages users to be more engaged by serving their innate desire for competition but also keeps them connected and cooperative. 

Therefore, we at Grazitti, have come up with a solution for the dynamic gamification of Salesforce CRM – ScoreNotch

Currently capable of dynamically gamifying online communities hosted on Salesforce Experience Cloud, ScoreNotch will soon be able to gamify Salesforce CRM activities and level up your employee experience. It would gamify various Salesforce Cloud products to create a stellar user experience. 


Salesforce is a vast ecosystem that binds your brand, customers, and employees together. 

By making it more engaging with dynamic gamification you can reap its optimal benefits. 

Therefore, you need a solution that can help you dynamically gamify your Salesforce Cloud products to engage customers and employees more effectively. 

Also, the gamification tool that you incorporate into your Salesforce instance must have powerful integration capabilities so that it works in sync with other software systems that are integrated with your Salesforce instance.

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