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Strengthen your salesforce community interactions with ScoreNotch

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a great platform for businesses to connect with their employees, customers, and partners by building online communities.

And to keep them engaged, it offers gamification tools like recognition badges and reputation overview.

However, the standard gamification experience often doesn’t induce meaningful actions out of the community. That’s why it needs a gamification solution with features that are not natively offered in Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Our Salesforce experts developed ScoreNotch that takes gamification on Salesforce-powered communities to the next level.

It provides advanced gamification features like missions, benchmark scoring, leaderboards, and more that build excitement in the community, create a healthy competition among its members, and foster engagement.


Key Facets of ScoreNotch

Salesforce Native Product

Salesforce Native Product

Power community gamification with a
native product built on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Native Product


Gamify your community with a solution
that is compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

Compliant with Standard and Custom Objects

Compliant with Standard
and Custom Objects

Gamify fields on all Salesforce objects, whether standard or custom.

More Dynamic Gamification

More Dynamic

Make community interactions engaging with leaderboards, badges, missions, and more.

Easily Configurable


Configure the solution according to your business requirements with drag-and-drop features.

Swift Migration

Swift Migration

Migrate gamification elements such as reputation points, levels, badges, and more, from Salesforce to ScoreNotch.



Customizable to successfully administer user behavior

User-friendly for easy set-up and management

Salesforce native app for easy implementation

Gamification for all fields on all Salesforce Objects

Metrics gathering to easily track the success

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